Flare Engineering, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning Works

Delving into a momentous journey as we bid farewell to February!🌟
One year hence, we joyously commemorated the flawless execution of a multitude of Flare Engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning works at the UTOROGU NAG-2 gas plant, for our esteemed client NPDC/ND WESTERN (OML 34).
From the meticulous Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation of the 24” X 1.7km Alternative Service Flare Gas Line Project (2021), to the intricate UTOROGU High Pressure (HP) Flare Rehabilitation and Installation Project (2021), and culminating with the Rehabilitation and Installation of the Low-Pressure (LP) Flare Project (2023).
In our reflections, a deep sense of gratitude resonates, underscoring the collaborative synergy with our esteemed technical partner, BOSKEL Nigeria Limited; the industry-leading OEM for flare fabrication.
Cheers to an enduring legacy of accomplishments, shared triumphs, and the robust resilience of collaboration! 🤝💼
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